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Ozwide Energy is an aggregation hub for all government incentives and the various solutions  available for businesses and residences to become more energy efficient, sustainable and cost effective.

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Energy Efficiency Programs

Ozwide Energy provides energy retailers, asset owners and building managers with sustainable, cost saving, turnkey energy efficiency programs.

Commercial lighting upgrades

Access potential energy savings up to 80% of existing lighting costs through the installation of highly efficient LED lighting. Our relationships with both public and private sector clients are testament to the fact that we’re interested in long term value creation, not short term gain. Our highly skilled workforce, combined with strong management and consultancy capabilities, makes us the perfect choice for your field and utility service deployment needs.

Carbon Offsetting

Carbon neutrality means that you have measured, reduced and offset your carbon footprint. It is currently almost impossible to avoid the creation of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. You can balance these unavoidable emissions through the purchase of carbon offsets.

Our Accreditations

Victorian Energy Upgrades

a. Commercial Lighting Upgrades:
Building-Based Lighting Upgrade (Activity 34)
Non-Building-based Lighting Upgrade (activity 35)
Public Lighting Upgrade (Activity 27)

b. In-Home Display (Activity 30)

c. Refrigerated Cabinet (Activity 32)

d. Shower Roses (Activity 17)

e. Water Heating (Activity 1 A, B, C, D, F & Activity 3B)

NSW Energy Saving Scheme

a. Commercial Lighting

b. HEER:

Renewable Energy Target
– Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme

a. Solar Photovoltaic panels

b. Wind turbines

c. Hydro systems

d. Solar water heaters

e. Air source heat pump